Submit your own Weather Photos and Art

Do you have some weather art or photos that you'd like others to see? If so, see the guidelines below for submitting your pictures to the Weather Wiz Kids® website.

You may send your art by email. I ask that you don't send your original work, because I can't return it. The easiest way to do this is to take a digital photograph or use a scanner to scan your drawing or picture. Put the file in .jpg format and just email it to Make sure to include your name, a brief description of the art and the town that you are from. Also, include this sentence: I give my permission that the enclosed art and my name can be published to the Weather Wiz Kids® website. Make sure all of this information is included or your art will not be considered.

Hurry, send me your best stuff and watch it appear on Weather Wiz Kids®!

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