Hurricane Supply Checklist Hurricane

What you need for at least 3 to 5 days:

Drinking Water Battery-operated Weather Radio
Canned Food Portable Alarm Clock
Manual Can Opener Extra Batteries
Extra Prescription Medicine Flashlights
Eating Utensils Rope
First Aid Kit Hammer and Nails
Trash Bags Duct Tape
Cash Extension Cords
Pillows and Blankets Tarp
Sleeping Bags Mosquito Repellent
Water Jugs Cleaning Supplies

Storm Essentials

As far as tools are concerned, the following are a must. Remember, power tools may be useless for several days after a storm.

Hand Saw (8 or 10 point)
Claw Hammer
Push Broom
Screw Drivers
Limb Saw (pruning saw)
Vice Grips
Utility Knife
Cotton Work Gloves

Weather information